As a working musician in Nashville since 1983, Glen has performed both live and in the studio with numerous artists. Since July 1990, he has worked most frequently with country legend (and recent Hall of Fame inductee) Jean Shepard and plays guitar regularly with her on WSM’s “Grand Ole Opry”. In what is now over 23 years of association with the Opry, he has performed with, and alongside, the legends of country music as well as many of the newer hit-makers of the day.

Growing up in a musical family in a small town in Mississippi, Glen’s experiences included Saturday night “musicals” and Sunday morning Gospel. His dad was a fiddler / guitar player who exposed him early on to “old time fiddling” and Chet Atkins records. Glen was influenced by it all and at an early age was playing guitar for country bands and gospel groups all over that part of the country.

In 1983 he made the move to Music City and since that time has enjoyed working with professionals both on stage and in the studio. Recent highlights include playing lead guitar for the Classic Country show at the CMA Festival in Nashville and performing with several artists on the 2012 “Grand Ole Opry Cruise”. Shows on the cruise included an intimate “unplugged” performance accompanying the artists with the Walden G3030CEQ. In his own home-based recording studio, Glen also produces custom projects for a variety of clients.